Welcome to Made In Crewe.

My name is Jamie Stewart and I own and run Bumblebee Digital a marketing company based in Crewe. I’m proud of the town that I now call home and thought it was time for a website to highlight some of the amazing businesses and people in the local area.

I believe Crewe is at the start of a major boom, just as it experienced with the rail industry, with the investment going into the local area in road and rail infrastructure, new housing that will bring more people to the area, Bentley Motors expanding it’s production and facilities, the potential that Geothermal energy and technology could bring and much much more.

Made In Crewe won’t just shout about large businesses but will help promote the smaller success stories as well. We have some amazing businesses that area global names like Bentley Motors and Mornflake Cereals but there is so much more. We’ll also

Each week we plan to write a feature on a different business to help promote another Crewe success story.

If you know of a business that you think we should feature please email jamie@bumblebeedigital.co.uk with your idea and reason why.