We’re passionate about our local community and believe that the more we can do to encourage people to connect and support local business the better it is for everyone. There are some amazing people, businesses and organisations in Crewe that need more promotion.Jamie Stewart

If you know of someone that should be featured on the site then please get in touch and email jamie@bumblebeedigital.co.uk.

This site was an idea that I had (me – Jamie Stewart) to help to build civic pride in the local area, to connect people with great local businesses and to promote great causes and events, Crewe Town Council have supported the project with a small grant to help get everything off the ground so please make sure that if you know them that you say thanks.

Crewe is well known for it’s manufacturing roots originally with Crewe Works and the railway and more recently with the global success story Bentley Motors, but the town has so many more success stories that need help to become local household names.

Jules HornbrookJoining us to help promote all that is good in the local area is Jules Hornbrook, local copywriter and journalist, Jules is also passionate about all things Crewe and is a very talented write and author.

So if you think a local business, person or organisation that makes something that needs some promotion…. then get in touch.